CBD for anxiety

For tens of millions of people worldwide, anxiety is a daily reality. Whether it’s caused by environmental or genetic factors, its effects can range from manageable to crippling and devastating.

People with severe anxiety often turn to mental healthcare professionals who prescribe medications to help mitigate its effects. For some, this is an effective and necessary treatment plan. But for others, the medications come with unintended side effects and a loss of feeling of self. While there is no substitute for seeing a qualified mental healthcare professional, when it comes to treating symptoms, many customers have found that introducing CBD to their daily routine can help lessen—and sometimes eliminate—persistent, disabling anxiety. If you’ve tried everything else and are still left wondering why your anxiety won’t go away, maybe it’s time to try a plant-based medicine with no known negative side effects.

Want to hear more? Below are some of the stories that Koi CBD customers have shared about how our products have helped them deal with anxiety. Their collective experiences show that it’s possible to live life without persistent, excessive anxiety.

If you experience anxiety and have used our products, we’d love to hear your story: Contact

If you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety we encourage you to seek support, including seeing a qualified mental health professional. If your symptoms are causing you to have thoughts of suicide, please call the national suicide prevention lifeline now 0861 322 322. With help, you can get back to living the life you want to.


Robert’s CBD Success Story – August, 2nd 2018

Just received my first order. I’m extremely satisfied with this product. My anxiety has been tamed and I’ve felt a satisfying calmness since using this product. I’m actually about to place another order now 😊. I HIGHLY recommend any of their products!!! Living a normal life is only an order away!!!


Larry’s CBD Success Story – July 27th 2018

I use Koi to help with my knee and shoulder pain and my stress and anxiety. I put a dropper full under my tongue in the morning, and I mix it one part to five with my favorite Vape juice. Koi CBD has helped me tremendously!
At the end of the day I make a stronger mix with my Vape juice and Vape before bedtime, and I go right to sleep and don’t wake up as early from my many aches and pains. I highly recommend their products. Great products, great service, I am 100% satisfied!

Lucia’s CBD Success Story – July 27th 2018

I started taking oral CBD after deciding to transition off my prescription medications for depression and anxiety, which had harmful side effects for me and still left me with sleep and eating issues. Because I vape, I wanted a high-quality vape additive that I could use during the day and after a lot of research settled on Koi. I’m so happy I did!

I don’t enjoy the cannabis-like flavor of some other oils, and Koi has NONE of that hemp taste! When added to vape oils or vaped alone, it’s super smooth. It has helped me lower my daily stress and anxiety levels, and in combination with exercise has helped me get to a healthier sleep schedule. It’s also improved my appetite, which is making overcoming my anorexia so much less uncomfortable! If and when I’m having a rough day, I add a couple vials to my vape instead of the usual one, and after about 45 minutes my stress level is noticeably lower. When I feel the onset of a panic attack, I may use the oil as a tincture as well as in my vape for that extra oomph.

Also,it has NONE of the nasty side-effects that my previous prescriptions did! With Koi CBD and some healthy lifestyle changes I am finally dealing with my anxiety, PTSD and medication-resistant depression without heavy medication. I am also on the road to recovery from my eating disorder. I am so happy I found Koi!  Thanks for an awesome product!


Sandra’s CBD Success Story – July 26th 2018

My 24 year old son and I (I’m 51) both have bipolar and are both on a LOT of medications. My son was on over 3mg of Xanax a day, along with other meds. He had great anxiety about leaving the house and interacting with others. He’s on Social Security Disability for mental illness as am I. He started vaping the KOI CBD Oil a while ago and he’s just about completely off the Xanax and can do much more. So he wanted me to try it because I was feeling MISERABLE every day – pains in the legs, unstable mood, fog, just awful. So I figured, what could it hurt and ordered the 1,000 mg oil that goes under the tongue. Within 3 days I was able to get out the bed and NOT be in agony! What I do is this: I set my alarm for an hour before I want to get up. When it rings the 1st time I put a dropper full of the oil under my tongue and go back to sleep for an hour. When the alarm rings again I can get out of the bed OK. It’s only been a week, but I feel much better. I’m hoping it keeps up. As of now I’ll say, I’m very satisfied!

Lianna’s CBD Success Story – July 22nd 2018

This product has drastically helped my everyday life. I never write reviews for anything but felt compelled to for this. I suffer from extreme social anxiety and am used to keeping to myself and over thinking everything I am doing in a moment. Once I started using my Koi Stik, I found myself feeling at ease in a social setting and actually talking and letting the moment flow- I felt genuinely happy. For me this was huge. I also have huge trouble sleeping especially after a rough day where my thoughts would keep me up, but after using this product all day, I had an amazing nights sleep where I actually stayed asleep through the night. I highly recommend this product, its life changing!

Misty’s CBD Success Story – July 16th 2018

I’m a widow, a mother of 4,a veteran, and a victim of a traumatic experience. Since starting vaping your brand I have been sleeping better and have mellowed out a bit to where I do not need my anxiety meds as often as I used too. I highly recommend your product.

Dani’s CBD Success Story – July 14th 2018

I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. I used to have at least 3 panic attacks a day. Koi CBD have stopped my panic attacked and allowed me to function normally again.

David’s CBD Success Story – July 13th 2018

I have been buying from Koi almost exclusively for several months. They are a great company with wonderful communication and customer service. I cannot say how much their products have helped with my anxiety, which I have experienced for 20+ years. I have tried many drugs including antidepressants and benzos. I would not suggest discontinuing your meds, but augmenting them with Koi’s CBD oil. I have no had no interactions between my current drugs and their CBD oil products. Fast and free shipping, good selection and can’t beat prices. Can I say more.

Elizabeth’s CBD Success Story – July 1st 2018

I struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, and troubling thoughts and compulsions. From day 1, Koi CBD has helped me to quiet my mind. I feel grounded, centered, and able to connect to the world around me. I used to wake up several times a night in a cold sweat after having terrible nightmares, now I regularly get 8 hours of restful sleep. My tummy is also very nervous and I have struggled with appetite. Thanks to Koi, I am hungry again and able to give my body the nutrition it needs for a healthy life.

Thank you, Koi CBD for changing my life! Btw, koi blue is delicious and I can’t wait to try all the other flavors 🙂


Lori’s CBD Success Story – June 25th 2018

It is amazing. I had anxiety and taking it. I made sure to take it when my husband was home with me. But I didn’t need to because there was absolutely no side effects! I have had anxiety and panic disorder for all of my life and take medications for them. But I still have the panic attacks or anxiety pretty often. I also suffer from carpal tunnel pain in both wrists and hands. It’s so bad that sometimes I can’t hold a phone or do my makeup. As soon as I started taking this for a few days, it completely stopped the pain. And I haven’t had any panic or anxiety attacks since taking the oil regularly. My sister has Fibromyalgia and nothing helps her pain except this oil. I also use the smaller dosage of 250 mg for my dogs who suffer from anxiety from fire works. It seems to help them greatly as well. Please buy yourself some it will change your life.


Tom’s CBD Success Story – June 11th 2018

Recently a friend turned me on to CBD oil, which I had never tried before. I liked to have the ability to have the oil in my vape, which has also helped me to kick cigarettes. The oil tastes good with my current vape juice, and I really believe it is helping me cope with my social anxiety. I have a difficult time with crowds, and I’m very much an introvert by nature. The CBD oil helps me to relax while also keeping my mind clear. Thank you very much for this product, and I will continue to order it!


Hannah’s CBD Success Story – June 11th 2018

I absolutely love this product. I wish I ordered a stronger version as I find myself hitting it all day. It sends me into an instant meditation mode. Will be purchasing more and interested in other flavors! The flavor is good and tastes sort of like cotton candy or jolly ranchers. The taste also isn’t that strong but the smell is. Good thing its a good smell!


Bethany’s CBD Success Story – June 3rd 2018

I have suffered from major anxiety for over half my life. I have been able to *easily* come off my daily Xanax! I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over a year ago and the doctors can’t get it to stabilize- so losing weight is super hard. I have been able to lose several pounds just in the 2 weeks I’ve been using CBD! It has also helped a lot with my insomnia. I’m definitely a firm believer in CBD and tell all my friends about it!


Julie’s CBD Success Story – May 9th 2018

This stuff is amazing!! I had come to face the facts of living with anxiety, and having panic attacks. I am sensitive to meds and hated how they made me feel. So my only option has been to just “deal” with it, it has been miserable! I have suffered from severe anxiety on a daily basis for years with no relief. I cannot express How life changing this has been for me. I have had NO symptoms of anxiety at all! I have had NO panic attacks! I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of me and I’ve been given my life back. I wake up feeling great and sleep like a baby, I’ve felt NO side effects! I never imagined I could ever just feel “normal” again and now I feel so much better than the normal I desperately wanted. I’m happy!! KOI CBD oil has seriously changed my life and I am forever grateful!!


Olivia’s CBD Success Story – April 5th 2018

I have really bad anxiety and I wanted to try something that might help stop my panic attacks. I am very happy to say that I have not had one since I started using my Koi CBD vape juice! And it helps that the taste is amazing!


Linda’s CBD Success Story – March 17th 2018

I was looking for a CBD oil to vape and came across Koi on a couple of ten best lists. My husband has a pinched nerve in his back, which occasionally causes pain in his back and leg. He has been using the 1000mg and finds it very helpful in relieving the discomfort to help him get through the day without having to resort to taking pain medication. We both use it for anxiety and stress and have tried almost all flavors. Thanks Koi for a great product!


Phaedric’s CBD Success Story – March 15th 2018

I had been told by many people for several years that CBD oil worked wonders for people who had issues with serious anxiety, high stress, etc. So, I finally got around to looking into it.

Stumbled across Koi CBD while researching some form of CBD that I could vape, and saw that they had quite the spiffy pedigree, a good reputation, and some very nice flavors. So, I decided to give them a shot.

Disappointment isn’t a word that would ever be in my vocabulary concerning this company or their product.

Lightning-fast shipping, for starters. And it only gets better from there.

The flavor of their vape is quite unique, very strong due to the oil, but still quite tasty. This one in question, being blue raspberry/dragon fruit was a bit odd- I don’t pick up on the dragon fruit flavor much but it’s delicious nonetheless. Also not too bad if I decided to ingest it the old-fashioned way.

And now for the effects- within about 30 minutes or so of taking a few hits, I could feel it. A gentle warmth in my chest and a feeling of everything weighing down on me at that moment being… Lighter. Nothing went away, but for a good while after that I was able to be calmer, actually managed to relax for a while as well, which is normally uncommon for me.

For anyone looking to try vaping CBD, I recommend hitting up Koi CBD. You won’t be disappointed!


Mike’s CBD Success Story – February 23rd 2018

I had my first panic attack on my 10th birthday. From that point on, anxiety controlled many aspects of my life. I wasn’t living, I was just merely existing. Over the years I had been prescribed numerous anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications that did little to help, but did a lot to make my life worse. At one point I was nothing more than a zombie. The medications made me incapable of thinking clearly. I couldn’t sit and enjoy a book, I could no longer enjoy writing, and I couldn’t even trust myself to make important decisions. All the things that made me who I am were hidden behind a thick cloud of prescription drugs. Everything from my physical health to my personal relationships suffered as a result.
At that point, after experiencing a moment of clarity in which I realized how far I had fallen since starting the medications, I decided to go against my doctor’s advice and drop them. After a couple of months I started to feel better, but the anxiety was still there as strong as ever.
Fast forward several years and I happened upon a package of CBD gummies at a gas station. Out of curiosity I googled CBD and started reading. I was shocked to know such a thing existed. It seemed too good to be true. After a couple of weeks of researching, and talking to people who used it for anxiety, I decided to take the leap. I ordered a bottle of 500mg White Koi, and then I picked up a vape mod.
It’s been almost a month since I started using Koi, and I am thrilled to say that my anxiety is under control for this first time since that horrible 10th birthday I had 26 years ago. After a long, difficult, road, I feel like I’m finally starting to live.  Thank you, Koi, for making a high quality, life changing, product. I can’t express how truly grateful I am for the difference your product has made in my life.

James’s CBD Success Story – February 25th 2018

I had been looking into the benefits of CBD for my dog who has a luxing patella, I found another company for my dog so I decided to start looking for myself after seeing my dog thrive with his pain. I researched many different companies and landed on Koi CBD. I ordered their flavorless to add to my vape, it truly is flavorless and after a few hits mixed 5:1 (Vape: CBD) I felt less anxious, stressed and I am sure in time my knee pain will become more manageable.


Tristin’s CBD Success Story – March 4th 2018

I am a college student and I normally have trouble presenting in front of my large classes. Definitely when I am reading a paper word for word I will skip around and read really fast to get done. Well I took the 1000mg Koi blue oil about 2 hours before the class started. And I was very very impressed I did not skip around at all and took my time to read everything. Definitely will continue using the products made by Koi. I’ve used 3 other brands and Koi is by far my favorite. The flavors are also awesome.

Meg’s CBD Success Story – February 22nd, 2018

Have tried other brands, at the point where I can say this is best price for my money! Helps relieve everyday woes; chronic work related pain, relieves anxiety, helps sleep better yet energized through day, even easier breathing. Not a miracle did take about two week regiment before noticing full benefits. Did feel calmer within first half hr. Usually 500mg month is good for wallet, but recently Purchased 1000mg with awesome deal! Perfectly Flavorless in vape . Great product, fast shipping.


Corey’s CBD Success Story – February 20th 2018

I started using CBD as a way to help with anxiety and sleeping struggles. I feel more calm and relaxed after each use. I also have found it to be helpful in dealing with inflammation and soreness after hard workouts. The folks at KOI make a terrific product and they are always helpful and on the ball in getting orders processed and shipped quickly. I highly recommend it!


Jessica’s CBD Success Story – February 11th 2018

I started using Koi yesterday. I have never smoked or vaped, but felt after research that was going to be the best way for me to get results. I combed the Internet trying to find the best product at the least expensive price. Due to my anxiety I have been unable to work in a little over six months. It’s been very debilitating, but I now have a job with a family friend who understands what I’m going through and so I had the money to make my purchase. So throughout my search I kept coming back to Koi. I found a local vape shop that carried it, answered the remaining questions I had, and assured me if I had more that either the store or reps from Koi would be there to answer my questions. After trying Koi I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The flavor is amazing, the smoke smells like cotton candy, and it takes the edge off. Today I woke up without tightness in my chest for the first time in months. Thank you Koi! I really think you are improving lives!


Joshua’s CBD Success Story – February 10th 2018

Winner of the fastest shipping ever! I selected first class mail (3-5 business days). I order my EJuice from California and I can predict the date of delivery like a prophet. My order from Koi, not only shipped the day I ordered it, it was in my mailbox in under 48 hours. I added nicotine to the juice to yield 3mg strength. I tried a dropper under the tongue and then vaped periodically for a couple of hours. I am picky about my E Juice flavor, but this stuff taste great if you like fruit flavors. I haven’t used it enough to conclude what effect it has on me, but I didn’t take my clonazepam last night because it didn’t cross my mind. It has been a couple of years since that happened. No coincidence there. I will update my review once I get a bottle under my belt. Thanks

Nick’s CBD Success Story – February 5th 2018

I was diagnosed in 2009 with a very rare form of Bone Cancer. I went through a hip replacement surgery at 26 years old as well as Intense Radiation Therapy for 30 days. I was administered hard core narcotic medications such as, Fentanyl, Oxycontin, and Norcos. I hated the feeling that those medications induced. The relief that I experienced with KOI PROUCTS is nothing short than miraculous. I am back going to the gym 5 days a week and have never felt better. Thank you KOI PRODUCTS!!!


Alex’s CBD Success Story – February 5th 2018

Koi really winds down my mind and allows me to function day to day and sleep without any intereference from intrusive thoughts. If you’ve tried it all with no luck this is definitely worth a go…

Grace’s CBD Success Story – February 5th 2018

I’ve suffered from anxiety for years and Koi CBD has been a lifesaver. This stuff really works, it helps me to feel calm and to keep a clear head in situations where my anxiety would have normally made things difficult. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who deals with anxiety, it really does make a difference.


Phillip’s CBD Success Story – February 5th 2018

I’ve had chronic back pain for 3 years. It was recently suggested to me that I try vaping Koi CBD since I vape anyway. I purchased Koi Blue and not only do I love the flavor, but it works! I can vape for 10 min a few times a day and my back pain goes away! I love it!

Danielle’s CBD Success Story – January 24th 2018

I have severe anxiety and had been looking into getting a CBD product to help cope with it. I wanted a high quality CBD and was delighted to come across Koi products. I have been using my Koi CBD vape for about a month now and couldn’t be happier. It’s so compact and the Koi Blue tastes great and truly helps when I’m feeling anxious. I hope to try more Koi CBD products soon but for now I’m very happy with my purchase.


Joe’s CBD Success Story – January 22nd 2018

As soon as I tried it I felt relaxed, and my anxiety subsided. This stuff really works, and allows you to continue anything that you are doing. Ironically when I got it in the mail I was having a very stressful day, followed with stomach pain. You can also use it on any occasion though, as the flavor is very good to vape. I thought the juice was on the pricey side and I wished it came in bigger bottles. However it does what it says and I’m very happy for that!

Bridget’s CBD Success Story – January 18th 2018

It’s almost unbelievable how great it is . It stops my bad moods and anxiety in its tracks. I was so skeptical about CBD but did research and found that Koi was one of the best and I would have to agree! I truly love it.


Tyler’s CBD Success Story – January 18th 2018

I have been suffering from social anxiety disorder for as long as I can remember. I decided I would try some CBD as a solution. Koi has definitely given me what I need, it relaxes me to a point where I no longer worry about what social interactions await me in the near future. I am really glad I chose Koi as my way of getting CBD. Fantastic customer service, shipping, and their flavors are on point.

Stacey’s CBD Success Story – November 21st, 2017

I get stressed and panicked easily, and am dealing with things I can’t handle on my own. While my support system at home is amazing it doesn’t help with the anxiety. I started vaping for fun and found Koi and now I feel more relaxed and less stressed.


Michele’s CBD Success Story – December 27th, 2017

I started vaping at the end of October with another CBD brand. I found Koi because I can vape it alone or use it under my tongue. The Jade tastes so good I want to drink it lol. It works great in my vape pen for using anytime during the day. I am completely calm during work, which is very stressful, and I’ve had zero anxiety from work or the loss of my mom last year at Christmas. Your customer service is exceptional and your product is 5 star. I highly recommend this product to anyone.


Haley’s CBD Success Story – December 5th 2017

After many positive recommendations I decided to purchase CBD for my severe to extreme anxiety. THC used to work for my anxiety in the past however lately it was exacerbating the panic to an awful degree. I had been relying on Ativan (lorazepam) daily to manage it however I was not comfortable being so dependent on a benzo for my sanity due to the highly addictive nature. I purchased the 500mg Blue Koi to use in my vape (the flavor is wonderful btw) and while the effects are subtle, the results are astounding. Usually after 24 hours, sometimes sooner, of not taking Ativan I would begin shaking and having bouts of extreme panic and disorientation. Using one dropper full sublingually and mixing a 2:1 ratio in my vape tank has almost completely eliminated all withdrawal side effects. I feel level headed and calm without any drowsiness. It is wonderful! I only wish it was slightly more affordable as a 30ml doesn’t last very long for me. I will be purchasing another as soon as I can!


Jenna’s CBD Success Story – January 17th 2018

I have always struggled with anxiety, as a kid I would sit in my moms car before school begging her to take me home because I had an overwhelming feeling of uncomforted and anxiousness. I’m now in my senior year of college and I can truthfully say I have not managed my anxiety very well. I’d love to say I’ve had it under wraps this entire time, and maybe I have, but not in a healthy way. Because of my anxiety I can’t ever seem to stop thinking, which makes things extremely difficult when I want to sleep. So I rarely do. With Koi products, I find myself more prepared and comfortable to take on larger crowds, or other things that would typically spike my anxiety. It also allows me to relax more before I go to bed, making for an easier sleep!


Devin’s CBD Success Story – November 16th 2017

I have bad anxiety and back pain. My brain tends to stress on things beyond control. I feel like I am overwhelmed with everything. CBD helps slow down my thoughts, allows me to relax, and enjoy life. It eases my back pain, and makes me less irritable. I started with Jade Koi 250mg and noticed a difference. My next purchase was the Blue Koi 500mg, and I love it. Looking forward to trying all the other products.


Jerali’s CBD Success Story – November 13th 2017

I have never heard of CBD oil until just a few days ago, and a friend of mine said that she is trying cbd oil for panic attacks and anxiety. And she let me try them under the tougue and within 10 min, I felt so laser focused, I felt so mellow but not sleepy or drowsy and all my feelings of feeling buried and smooshed under the weight of the world was gone. It’s the first time in a long time, I felt normal again. I had to get my own bottle and I started vaping it, and it is amazing. I feel completely changed, and I will never go without it again. Definitely life changing.


Rich’s CBD Success Story – November 10th 2017

3 back surgeries, in the last 6 years and 30 years of near incapacitating anxiety. I took up a serious meditation practice but it’s not always enough.   Thank goodness for Koi CBD. Back pain is reduced significantly and anxiety treated with meditation reiki and cbd is gone! The pain I can deal with but the anxiety was the worst part. and pharmaceutical meds do nothing but hold me in a pattern and many times are not effective. As well I abhor narcotic pain medication. Now, best of all I am back at work!


Dustin’s CBD Success Story – October 24th 2017

I have been using cbd for a few months I was very skeptical at first but I have to say Koi is the best so far it has helped tremendously with my back pain an tremors and shakes from anxiety and my social life I love it I recommend this product for anyone it makes me feel amazing and normal again thank you Koi.


Alicia’s CBD Success Story – October 20th 2017

I’ve been taking anti-anxiety medicine consistently for over 3 years. If I couldn’t take my medicine for some reason, like not being able to keep anything down, I would notice a huge change in my mood and thoughts. I’ve been vaping with Koi, using it alone and mixing it with my favorite nicotine e-juices, and my anxiety feels even more under control than it had been. I haven’t been taking my prescription anti-anxiety medicine and haven’t been freaking out, fidgeting, or having mood swings! I am absolutely loving Koi’s cbd oils!!


Sonya’s CBD Success Story – October 17th 2017

I have 5 small boys and a husband that is a big kid himself sometimes. Between the cooking and cleaning it can be stressful. So I use the cbd instead of the pills the doctors want me to take. The cbd helps me so much and it’s not killing my insides like pills. I love my cbd oil it’s great.


Nate’s CBD Success Story – October 6th 2017

I am a 32 year old pharmacist in a state where medical marijuana is legal, but there is no way I could do my job safely using THC products, plus I would probably be fired. I stand for 13 hours a shift, and due to sports and other injuries growing up I have chronic pain in ankles, knees and back. Started using this via vape and boom- no more taking muscle relaxers and nsaids several times a day. Has also helped with sleep and general anxiety, but I have a clear head to keep my patients safe while using.


Angela’s CBD Success Story – August 19th 2017

I ordered 1 500mg bottle a week ago. I love this so much that I just ordered the variety pack! I have been trying to get off of lorazepam and it’s been tough! I have been taking lorazepam for many years, This CBD vape helps so much with the withdrawal. I haven’€™t taken any lorazepam for 3 days! That’€™s pretty amazing! I’ve ALWAYS had horrible withdrawal! I HIGHLY recommend this product! Thank you Koi CBD!!!!


Alexandra’s CBD Success Story – February 26th 2018

I can’t remember a time living without some form of voices telling me and showing me horrible, horrible things. I have tried many, I would say over 20, pharmaceutical drugs seeking peace in my own mind. I have gotten close before, but they still whisper to me. Sometimes that can be worse than the screams.

I went to my local vape shop and told them I have anxiety (having voices is not something you willingly say to just anyone) and they recommended I go home and research Koi CBD. I will not lie to you, My hopes were not high. Even in my research I was scared to try CBD because I have never experimented with any form of marijuana. It was my fiance who was so strong about me giving it a try.

3 hits, than 30 seconds.

That’s how long it took for the whispers to stop. For me, for the first time in my life, to be alone in my brain.  Needless to say I was floored. I began to weep tears of joy. No. Tears of peace.

This is the answer I have been looking for, this is what I need. And I can legally buy it down the street from me. After 23 years of life with voices I can be the only one in my mind.

This is a wonderful product and I would truly recommend it to anyone with any voices.

Thank you Koi.


Christopher’s CBD Success Story – August 17th 2017

I’m a 26 year old male with moderate to severe anxiety. At times the anxiety can be crippling and make me feel immobilized, making everyday activities almost impossible. After much research on all other CBD products, this is the one that showed the lab results for 0% THC which is a huge factor for me as my job does urine and hair follicle tests. Koi CBD has enabled me to have a reliable product to eliminate anxiety when the waves of panic start rolling in. I feel as if it’s almost given me my life back. I no longer live in fear of a paralyzingly attack, I take a tincture or few hits off my vape and within minutes the CBD relaxes my mind and gives me control back. I cannot stress how thankful I am for this product and how I believe people NEED to try this before they decide to get on prescription meds for anxiety. I would give Koi 5/5 stars all day long. Thank you guys so much for making a product that has put me back behind the wheel of my own mind and not being a scared passenger just going through the motions. A now lifetime customer, Chris N


Lindsey’s CBD Success Story – August 13th 2017

I have akathisia, which is a side-effect of the antipsychotic medication I take for my bipolar disorder. Until now, the only treatment for it has been benzodiazepines (i.e. Xanax), and even with that I still shake my legs non-stop. I also do an hour of cardio 5x a week, but that doesn’t keep me from shaking or tremors, either. A friend of mine is a nurse, and she recommended I try CBD oil. I got the Koi White 250mg in the mail yesterday and took one dropper sublingually when I got back from the gym. I expected to wait at least an hour for the effects, but my legs stopped shaking within MINUTES. You cannot imagine what a relief it is to simply be able to sit still. No impairment of functioning, no high, no bad taste- Just sitting still at the table eating my breakfast. I will continue to use this product, and recommend trying Koi when all else has fails.


Lanie’s CBD Success Story – April 28th 2018

I have severe anxiety and body aches and pains. A few puffs vaping CBD oil from Koi helps me so Much! I have gone off all pharmaceutical drugs and quit smoking cigarettes since I started vaping cbd.


Sean’s CBD Success Story – January 5th 2018

I was a bit skeptical after hearing about the benefits of using Koi. However, after trying some of my friend’s Pink Koi, thinking I was feeling relaxed, I wanted to know for sure. Sure enough after a few minutes of using the 250mg dose, all of my troubles melted away! Thanks, Koi!

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