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CBD for various other health issues

CBD is extremely versatile. Because people find it effective for a variety of issues associated with pain, inflammation, and mental health, we can’t list all of the health issues that our customers have described our products helping them with.

If you didn’t see what you’re looking to treat in a category above, we encourage you to talk with your doctor, and read the success stories below shared by our customers on a wide range of health issues. Perhaps like others, CBD can help you enjoy life more fully.

If you experience a health issue that you haven’t seen listed here and have used our products, we’d love to hear your story: Contact

CBD for various health issues

Heather’s CBD Success Story – July 19th 2018

I started the CBD after a lot of research my personal testimony is it has helped with a lot of the symptoms that come with m.s. (Multiple sclerosis ). I have trouble walking I have problems with fatigue. Can’t say it’s 100% better probably never will be but my walking has improved I have 0 fatigue and I will never look back.

Douglas’s CBD Success Story – June 17th 2018

I had a heart attack and as a result some brain issues. I was recommend CBD oil by a doctor, who I recently saw as an alternative to botox. My cousin gave me a bottle of the lemon lime flavor but it was only 250mg it seemed to work so well that I immediately ordered the 500mg oil.


Tiffany’s CBD Success Story – June 11th 2018

I suffer from central vestibular vertigo. I am a single mother of two little girls and of course have to work. My medication has recently stopped helping.  I was desperate and saw a Facebook add on CBD oil, so I started researching and found your company. Was in need of THC free, due to my government job.

I got my oil yesterday and within minutes I felt a difference. By the end of the day i felt great, chipper and wonderful mood, yet relaxed In my own skin. We take for granted what it’s like to feel good. But to be honest I felt better than I do without my vertigo spells. This product is truly a blessing and miracle and for those whom help with the process of collecting something natural, THANK YOU!
I already got three other people from work interested in your products and they wanted info for your website…you could see the glimmer of hope in their eyes.

Again THANK YOU!!!!


David’s CBD Success Story – June 3rd 2018

Went to Doctor they kept experimenting with different medications, some had her doing weird things finally I ordered a test to see what was best medication. That took her from 3 pills down to 1 but still having problems in school loosing temper crying over little things so I read everything I could about CBD and decided to try. I have tried many brands and the Koi is the clearest, the orange flavor she likes and I like that it is third party tested which means I get a quality product.


Vladimir’s CBD Success Story – March 13th 2018

I’m 56 yrs old male that had a cerebellum stroke about a year ago. Heavy smoker (not anymore) and while searching the web for knowledge about my stroke and smoking; I came across an article about CBD, so I started to research it. And I liked everything about Koi’s manufacturing and open knowledge of CBD; then I decided to try it and I have been using it for about a 9 months and I’m very happy with the KOI product. I find it relaxes my mind and kills the cravings for a cigarette. Thank you KOI!!!!!!


Judah’s CBD Success Story – November 2nd 2017

I’ve been struggling with anxiety since I was a teenager, and had trouble finding things to help. I found Koi CBD after doing some research on sites like, and leafly. Been using the juice in my vape for a few weeks now and I feel it’s been helping my acne significantly. I’m honestly surprised and I want to find some topical CBD to use also. I love this product and am impressed. Would def recommend to a friend.


Divy’s CBD Success Story – August 14th 2017

Was really thinking at first for my husband to try due to really bad shoulder pain. He cannot pull a T-shirt off by himself without being in agony. I got the 250mg. I also tried it for my neck pain (sleeping recline on sofa with ice packs). He was skeptical, but tried it. By next day, he could raise his arms straight up with no problem, no pain or twinge. My neck is 98% better and can actually turn my head fully side to side. I’€™m sleeping great, took work stress level down quite a few notches, Also noticed an improvement on my dry skin/eczema patches. Upped the mg because of back issues. Having MIL try it for her bad knees. I ordered 2 more bottles. Once shared, your supply dwindles, lol. I am so happy I took a chance and tried something I wouldn’t have thought of trying before. No kidding, you do learn something new everyday.


Meg’s CBD Success Story – February 22nd, 2018

Have tried other brands, at the point where I can say this is best price for my money! Helps relieve everyday woes; chronic work related pain, relieves anxiety, helps sleep better yet energized through day, even easier breathing. Not a miracle did take about two week regiment before noticing full benefits. Did feel calmer within first half hr. Usually 500mg month is good for wallet, but recently Purchased 1000mg with awesome deal! Perfectly Flavorless in vape . Great product, fast shipping.

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