For those suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, or other incurable issues related to inflammation and pain, modern medicine has largely failed to provide them with relief. Often, people suffering from these conditions end up on a myriad of prescription drugs, hoping to find the right combination to give them a day with little or no pain.

Unlike common prescriptions for chronic nerve and joint inflammation and pain, CBD is a naturally occurring, plant-based medicine. Particularly important is that many find that CBD can help eliminate much of the pain these conditions cause without the terrible side-effects of prescription and opioid medications. If you’re like many of our customers, you may find that our products significantly reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia and arthritis, allowing you to live life without the constant, debilitating pain you’ve become accustomed to.

Want to hear more? Below are some of the stories that CBD customers have shared about how our products have helped them deal with fibromyalgia and arthritis. Their collective experiences show that it’s possible to live life without the acute and restrictive pain.

If you experience fibromyalgia, arthritis, or other degenerative nerve and joint pain and have used our products, we’d love to hear your story: Contact


Ross’s CBD Success Story – August 3rd 2018

I bought this for my mother’s arthritis in her knee. She has been having cortisone shots and nothing is working anymore. She can barely walk and drags her leg when walking. She was completely blown away from this product from day 1. It started working immediately. Today is day 2 and she can walk again with not much pain. I’m monitoring it to see if it stops hurting all together or if we need to adjust the dose. This stuff is amazing. I was firmly against this 2 months ago. I did a ton of research and ordered this. I can tell you that the stories are true. It’s absolutely unbelievable. KOI customer service is awesome as well.


Vicki’s CBD Success Story – July 24th 2018

I suffer from severe fibromyalgia pain that effects all of my pressure points and also degenerative disk in my back. After trying several other brands I have found Koi to be my favorite to control pain and get sleep. I micro dose during the day three times and before bed I’m able to vape it for a relaxing wonderful sleep!


Norma’s CBD Success Story – July 14th 2018

I am a 93 yr old granny who suffers from severe arthritis pain. My daughter bought this cbd oil for fibromyalgia and was so amazed by the pain relief she experienced that she encouraged me to try some. I take one dropper full morning and night. My pain level has decreased significantly, my ease of mobility has improved and I am able to sleep more soundly. I have been taking your cbd oil for about a month and have noticed an accumulating effect! Thank you for producing such a high quality product. Sincerely, Granny


Rachel & Family’s CBD Success Story – July 13th 2018

I tried Koi CBD for the first time and my life has changed for the better…. My step fathers doctor suggested CBD for his arthritis, so I suggested Koi. They ordered the natural at 250mg because he wanted to do a tincture. They told my grandpa and he is using it now. And because of all that my aunt who is a doctor is using Koi CBD lotion for her neck and hands and feet. Thank you Koi we love you!


Jesse’s CBD Success Story – November 11th 2017

I am so happy that I’ve discovered CBD. Naturally a search on the web shows over and over that Koi is the market leading standard. I suffer from low back issues (bulging discs, nerve pain) and arthritis from old injuries. I also do not sleep well from an ever changing work schedule. Koi has significantly reduced my lower back and arthritic pain, and almost immediately puts me in a very pleasant state of relaxation. I am very impressed that they have managed to harness all of the healing properties of the cannabis plant without having any THC whatsoever, as well as no psychoactive effects caused by marijuana. This is an amazing product and I will no doubt be a customer for life! 🙂


Wayne’s CBD Success Story – June 14th 2017

We have tried many CBD products and Koi CBD is the real deal and tastes really great. My wife and I use it for back pain, neck pain, anxiety, arthritis and much more. You owe it to yourself to try Koi CBD because it really helps and is the best tasting CBD on the market. Awesome customer service. Awesome and quick shipping, as well as free shipping for orders over R2000. I received my order in 2 days. We all owe it to ourselves to feel better and this has really helped us. Treat yourself and get the relief. The higher strength, like 500 or 1000mg, is the best for pain, arthritis etc. but they carry 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg so depending on your needs. The more pain, the higher MG is what has worked for us.


Mary’s CBD Success Story – August 12th 2017

I have severe arthritis and constant leg, knee, and back pain. I’ve had trouble sleeping, due to pain, for many years. Koi CBD works amazingly to reduce the pain and help me get to sleep. Though skeptical about it initially, I am now a firm believer in the benefits of Koi CBD.

Tay’s CBD Success Story – December 6th 2017

As a former College Soccer All American Goalkeeper/MMA Fighter, Always beating my hands up, And arthritis runs in the family…. This stuff has helped A LOT with pain in my hands. Went from hands hurting all the time to some relief that I can open and close my hands without all the pain.


Larry’s CBD Success Story – January 22nd 2018

Spinal injury severe back & neck + arthritis crippling but this is working great in getting me thru these cold winter months even after just started using it. My daughter gave me some.


Stephanie’s CBD Success Story – May 19th 2018

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and did not want to take a bunch of prescriptions or get addicted to pain medication. This helps my joint pain and helps me to sleep. I don’t feel pain like I did before. My aches, pains, chills, and fibro episodes have lessened tremendously. And I feel totally normal, no “high”… I’m a whole person again. Thank you. PS: They taste good too. (regular, not sour)


Michaela’s CBD Success Story – March 10th 2018

I have found the Koi CBD company to be a very responsive, friendly, and professional group. I ordered the vape and wasn’t a fan so they let me return it and order something I liked and they got it to me so quickly! No hassle or arguing. I’m highly impressed! The product itself is amazing, CBD has helped lower my Fibromyalgia pain so that I can function significantly better! My anxiety is gone. I’m highly satisfied! I will continue to order from Koi!


Ashley’s CBD Success Story – March 3rd 2018

I love this stuff and hate when I don’t have the money for it because when I don’t have this I can’t sleep do to my restless legs and my fibromyalgia. I also have anxiety issues and depression. I have ADD to and to be honest I would be happy for all the other to go away and can deal with that. I have many mornings it hurts to just roll over more less get out of the bed on my feet. And when I am able to the stiffness I have again a fibromyalgia thing is terrible. I can do one dropper and within minutes I can see a difference. Wish I could afford it all the time and wish I could go up to 500 but I just but two bottles of the 250mg to have enough for a month. And pray I can get again the next. This stuff has changed my way of living when I have on hand. It is a miracle in a bottle. I love love love this! And thank you Koi for changing my life!!!!!


Mindy’s CBD Success Story – February 16th 2018

I have had endometriosis for years dealt that with that pain I have had two surgeries for that then two years ago I started having pain from head to toe and swelling in my hands feet & knees so far the diagnosis Fibromyalgia and they have not found out what’s causing the swelling. But due to all of this I started not sleeping I would get maybe 4/5 hours every 2 days. I wanted to sleep it just wasn’t there due to pain in my legs & feet get worse at night. My aunt told me about CBD oil I did some digging I found Koi at a local vape shop near me then I ordered my second order offline but as soon as I tried it ( I vaped mine by the way I have used the drops under the tongue I prefer vaping it) it was instant relief ⭐ From pain. Also the first night and ever since then I sleep like a normal person yay!! I am not dragging around with pain I can stand hugs again. I noticed my swelling isn’t as bad and I also have been able to clean my house before that was hard due to everything. It has even helped with my mood. I think when you are in so much pain and don’t know why you get in a funk. Also it has helped when Mother Nature comes (TMI i know) but I love Koi and would recommend it to anyone. And I have 😍😍😀 I will continue to use Koi. Thanks Koi


Tammy’s CBD Success Story – December 9th 2017

This is a miracle in a bottle for me it relaxes me and it helps my fibromyalgia it also helps with my back pain I do find that I’m not reaching for my pain medications as much as I used to and I’ve only been using for 3 weeks,i sleep better which is awesome i can’t thank my friend enough who told me about this,and I’m telling all my friends about it and the one’s that are like me who suffer from chronic pain I’m letting them try it they’re loving it!best product ever I’m a customer for life it has helped make my life more livable, I wish I would have ordered it sooner but I have it now!!! Thank you Koi.


Sarah’s CBD Success Story – December 14th 2017

I don’t even know where to begin to explain what a wonderful product this is. I have done a lot of research and Koi is considered to be the top rated CBD Oil on the market. I have used other CBD oils with little to no results. It took a very short period of time for me to see the results from using the 250mg Gold Koi liquid. I like the ability to use it either as a vape oil or sublingual. Thank you for making a product that I can trust and with such fantastic results in such a small period of time. I have seen a dramatic decrease in my arthritic pain as well as my anxiety and depression. It also helps that the Gold is delicious!


Susan’s CBD Success Story – October 26th 2017

Wracked with pain from early life back injuries, Fibromyalgia and neuropathy pain added to it. Switching back forthe from Valerian Root to Melantonin for sleep and sometimes neither would work. Riddled with anxiety over the stressors of life and just wishing for peace. Wanted to try CBD for awhile and finally took the plunge a week ago with Koi. I have found my peace in a little 30ml bottle that has eased my pain, given me the carefree feelings of my youth and lets me sleep like a baby. Can this be for real? Never want to be without it again. No haze in the mind, no groggy feelings, no mind altering effects, just peace.


Mrs. Howle’s CBD Success Story – October 6th 2017

I’m allergic to fibromyalgia medication and have suffered from it since I was 15 (Now 23). I also have bad anxiety. I have had panic attacks since 3rd grade. When I was a teen I smoked weed. That was the only thing to help my chronic pain and anxiety. But I haven’t smoked in years!! Well I have been using this CBD oil for about 3 months and it has helped me out tremendously!!!! I recommend this to EVERYONE that is looking for something to help their anxiety or any type of pain. I send them a link to this page and they usually message me back within 2 weeks telling me they love it! The flavors are also amazing! I’m now looking into buying the 1000mg. Thank you so much for these products! I will continue to buy from this company!

George’s CBD Success Story – August 18th 2017

I bought the 500mg White and am experiencing definite relief from my arthritic pain in my hip. I’ve been experimenting on what dosage is best… I just purchased the 1000mg white, so I’ll see how that goes. My neck pain is still there although CBD seems to relax me so that I don’t get to the stage where my anxiety turns to panic, so that’s a win! I also wanted to say that I received a call from Marissa after having emailed a few questions and was highly impressed with the information I was given! Now that’s customer service, instead of shooting me back an email she called and spoke with me for at least 1/2 hour! I highly recommend KOI….. they seem to be a company that’s driven by their passion to truly help people!


Jimmy’s CBD Success Story – August 11th 2017

I give CBD, especially KOI brand CBD a big thumbs up! I have RA. Fatigue, Insomnia, joint pain, inflammation, and brain fog are all constant companions of mine. I have noticed much less pain and fatigue since starting CBD oil. I’m sleeping better and feel rested when I wake up. I’m enjoying a clearer mind and greater focus without the edginess that came with massive doses of caffeine and energy drinks that I previously used in an attempt to overcome the fatigue and sleepiness that accompany RA and insomnia. I’m currently using the Gold 500mg. I enjoy the taste that isn’t overpowering when vaped and taken orally.


Amy’s CBD Success Story – August 9th 2017

I’ve been in a Fibromyalgia flair that I couldn’t get any relief from for weeks and with it a migraine that wouldn’t break for days. I wasn’t sleeping and my muscles pain and spasms were the worst I’ve had in a long time. The first night I used this, I slept through the night and the migraine was gone in the morning. I also have trouble walking right out of bed but this helped this the first morning. I wasn’t stiff and sore like I usually am. I used it randomly through the day and I continued to feel less stiff and the next night I slept sound again. I usually sleep with a lot of pillows to cushion my muscles but I got rid of those on night #2 and felt even better, less stiff and even almost smooth in my walking. Still no migraine on morning #3. The thing is I didn’t feel anything while I was vaping so my confidence in the product was low the first time I used it, So use the product and wait, It’s not like a bolt of lightning or a pill. This is a great product.

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