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Koi vape Juice Review

Strengths: 100, 250, 500, 1000 mg CBD

 The best CBD vape juices ranked here! 
Koi CBD review

Koi CBD e-liquid

According to Koi’s website, all of their e-liquids are made in an ISO-certified lab with pure CBD isolate and contain no THC, so their vape oils will not get you high. Koi also mentions that all of their products are made with the highest quality ingredients and tested for purity, consistency and safety. Each batch has full traceability and their lab test results are made available for every single product they produce. From what I saw, the test results were very thorough and set a high standard for quality control. Their e-juice is also clean of pesticides and solvents. 

Their e-liquids come in classy black 30 mL glass dropper bottles, with each flavor corresponding to a different color label. Their logo and branding seem like they would appeal to a diverse range of vapers from young adults to a more mature audience. It’s time to revisit their original line of e-liquid and test out some of their newest flavors. From what I remember, they have some of the best tasting CBD e-liquids I’ve tried.

White Koi

Koi CBD review

White Koi is a flavorless additive, made for adding CBD to your choice of e-juice. When I put a drop of it on my tongue, it has a slightly bittersweet taste. I think the sweetness is due to the VG content, possibly some added sweetener to balance out the taste of CBD. Vaping it straight tastes like vaping pure VG, with a slight aftertaste of cannabidiol. If you’re interested in vaping CBD oil, but don’t want to vape any additional flavorings, White Koi is the one for you. It also blends nicely with most of your favorite nicotine-free e-liquids because it doesn’t have much of a flavor, aside from a slight neutral taste. I wouldn’t call it 100% flavorless, but it is as pure as you can get in terms of flavor.

Red Koi

Koi CBD review

Red Koi is the quintessential strawberry milkshake flavor and one of the first flavors that Koi has released. It’s a Unicorn Milk style strawberry cream flavored e-liquid that’s smooth and creamy. Red Koi is ideal for vapers looking for a CBD e-liquid with a well-crafted strawberry milkshake flavor that strikes a balance between fruit and milky cream. It almost tastes like strawberry Nesquik. I’m not a big fan of this flavor profile these days, but I can see it being a big hit with strawberry and cream lovers.

Gold Koi

Koi CBD review

I’ve always been a fan of custard-style vapes, and Gold Koi meets the gold standard. This e-liquid is rich and creamy and has an authentic custard taste that vanilla lovers will appreciate. I notice the slight hints of caramel, which adds a nice touch to the milky vanilla cream flavor. It has a scrumptiously sweet and creamy taste, which blends really well with the CBD. I tend to enjoy fruity CBD flavors more than the creamier ones but if you’re into dessert-style vapes, Gold Koi will be right up your alley.

Jade Koi

Koi CBD review

Jade Koi is a sweet and sour candy vape. Its profile is watermelon and sour green apple. These flavors work really well together to create a unique candy fruit blend. The sour apple gives it a tartness while the watermelon adds a special twist. It’s a fresh-tasting candy flavor that’s not too sugary, but still has a really nice pop to it. If you’re looking for a tart and sweet candy e-liquid, Jade Koi is going to be one of your go-to flavors. I wish it could be as tart as Pink Koi, but it’s still a very well-rounded e-liquid overall.

Blue Koi

Koi CBD review

Blue Koi is another fruity candy flavor, a tasty blue raspberry with a hint of dragonfruit giving it a more exotic taste. It’s less tangy than Jade Koi, but it has a similar candy-like sweetness that I enjoy. You can tell that Koi has put a lot of thought into these flavors — Blue Koi is very well crafted. I’ve tried plenty of blue razz e-liquids in the past and some of them were better than others. This one is definitely up there.

Pink Koi

Koi CBD review

I couldn’t wait to crack this bottle open. One of my favorite e-liquids of all time is a lemonade flavor called Zenith Orion. Pink Koi doesn’t taste anything like it, but it’s equally tasty. I’m hooked. It tastes exactly like a fresh glass of pink lemonade. There’s no other way to describe it. Pink Koi has a refreshing summertime vibe; it’s tart and sweet, yet well balanced at the same time. It doesn’t taste too sour or too sweet — it’s just right. As it turns out, Pink Koi ended up becoming my new favorite flavor out of the entire Koi line. If you’re looking for something refreshing and sweet, get yourself some Pink Koi.

 The best CBD vape juices ranked here! 

Koi has managed to maintain their status within the CBD market over the last few years. Their products are thoroughly tested, and the results are on point. Pink Koi turned out to be my favorite of the whole line — and one of the best CBD flavors I have tried so far. My other personal favorites are Gold Koi and Blue Koi, followed closely by Jade Koi. Overall, the company has a diverse line of very well-crafted e-liquid.

I had no problem taking their vape juice orally, but Koi also offers an entire line of full spectrum tinctures, edibles and a wide range of other CBD-based products. Their standard for quality is definitely one of the highest I’ve seen so far for CBD vape juice. Recommended to CBD vapers searching for a well-rounded line of premium CBD flavors.

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