Celebrities and CBD

Celebrities using CBD

Superstars on the CBD take

Cannabidiol (CBD) seems to be wildly popular with the general public, but what about the superstars? What’s the opinion of modern celebrities and athletes on CBD? Do they take it? If so, what do they take CBD for?If you’re new to this topic, get ready for quite a few surprises down the road.

Here’s the list of celebrities who personally use or endorse CBD products:

Kim Kardashian

On March 8, 2019, Kim Kardashian wrote in her Instagram story that she’s ”obsessed with everything CBD.” Looks like this wasn’t even an exaggeration, as the iconic superstar told E! News that she wants a ”zen-like CBD-themed baby shower” to celebrate the birth of her fourth baby with Kanye West. Maybe that’s a bit over the top, but one thing is for sure: Kim’s quite fond of CBD!

Jennifer Aniston

Although there aren’t many details on this matter, Jennifer Aniston revealed in an interview with Us that she uses CBD oil to treat pain, anxiety, and stress. The actress highlighted that CBD offers all the benefits of marijuana—but without the bothersome high that many people seek during recreational use of cannabis.

Nate Diaz

Not a surprise anymore to see athletes using CBD.. But back in 2016, professional MMA fighter Nate Diaz did something unprecedented for the sports industry: he consumed CBD oil during his post-fight interview on live TV after losing a brutal match to Connor McGregor. Nate revealed that CBD helps him to recover from his injuries, alleviating pain and reducing inflammation. ”It’ll make your life a better place,” said the athlete in the interview that became a sensation.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Brazilian supermodel and Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio mentioned in an interview with Well + Good that she uses CBD oil when she finds herself unable to calm down her thoughts and get a good night’s sleep, as getting full eight hours of rest before her fashion shows is one of the key elements to her success.

Olivia Wilde

In a short interview for the New York Times on her favorite tips for beauty and wellness, actress Olivia Wilde revealed she uses a body lotion with CBD to soothe body ache and relax tensed up muscles without resorting to over-the-counter painkillers. Olivia noted the relaxing properties of CBD and how it helped her after 6 exhausting months on Broadway ”left her body wrecked.”

Whoopi Goldberg

Of course, we left the best surprise for last. Did you know that the human rights advocate and Oscar-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg is the co-founder of the female-oriented brand of cannabis products Whoopi & Maya? Available mostly in California and Colorado, their items contain both CBD and THC, and Whoopi herself has been using a blend of these cannabinoids to alleviate stress and soothe pain from glaucoma.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, founder of the lifestyle and wellness brand Goop, seems to have recently joined the CBD endorsing movement. In June 2018, her health conference ”In Goop Health” featured a whole lot of discussions and lectures on the matter of cannabis products, CBD in particular. Goop didn’t reveal any CBD products yet, but they already started publishing articles on how to take the substance in quite exotic ways—from CBD-spiked drinks to chocolate brownies. In an interview with Into the GlossGwyneth confirmed she uses CBD for stress and highlighted that she loves CBD ”doesn’t make you stoned”—just a bit relaxed, and that’s all.


Final thoughts

Thousands of people from all around the world including world-class actors and athletes are already using it on a regular basis, and many of them reported feeling positive effects from the trendy cannabinoid. So while we still need more researches to fully understand all the effects of CBD, the emerging evidence is highly encouraging.


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